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Research and Outreach Activities

T he main goals of my academic career are to improve educational practice in different sectors by conducting research, applying research-led strategies to teaching, keeping up-to-date with research developments,
disseminating insights from research to a broader audience, and exchanging knowledge with different stakeholders (e.g., other researchers, teachers, students, policy makers).

To that end, I investigate memory and learning phenomena that can be translated into effective learning and teaching strategies to inform curriculum development. My expertise informs my own teaching, but also supports colleagues across the university and outside of academia. I actively engage in the dissemination of scientific knowledge through various outreach activities. Since November 2015, I have built a national and international reputation as a learning and teaching expert and have been invited as a (keynote) speaker to various conferences and workshops.

I maintain vital collaborations with researchers around the globe that feed into my scholarship work. I have engaged in various scholarship activities. My expertise and work has affected educators in their teaching practice and students in their study habits – worldwide.

I was appointed as a member of an extremely successful scholarly outreach project, The Learning Scientists, and am part of a vibrant, global network of other researchers, teachers, and policy makers in education. Due to my expertise, I am highly sought after for advice, invited to give talks about innovation in teaching and learning, and have led Continuing Professional Development workshops for school teachers world-wide. I am actively engaged in various impactful outreach activities on social media, where I reach a wide audience – adding to my international profile as learning expert.

I founded the Teaching Innovation & Learning Enhancement (TILE). TILE aims at bringing people from different disciplines and sectors together to discuss pressing challenges in education to overcome them through research-led approaches. The TILE network is constantly growing and has attracted scientists and educators both nationally and internationally. I strive to grow TILE and make it a well-known, cross-sectional hub for teaching and learning excellence.

You can learn more about my outreach activities here:

The Learning Scientists

TILE Network 

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