Applied Seminar (Fall Semester 2009) Anwendungsorientiertes Seminar (HWS 2009)

I will be running two projects next fall semester. The projects will be conducted within a seminar that I will be teaching. The title of the seminar is Designing efficient learning strategies and learning schedules and is planned as a Service Learning seminar (see this website for an overview on service learning).

Students will learn about efficient learning schedules and strategies and will apply this knowledge to the school environment. They will monitor and guide pupils’ learning. In several discussion, we will elaborate on the experiences of applying lab experiment results to real-world environments.

Interested students enrolled in Psychology at the University of Mannheim can register for this seminar at the Studierendenportal. The original title of this seminar is Gestaltung von effizienten Lernstrategien und Lernzeitplänen (Seminar mit Service Learning Komponente).

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