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Faculty Mobility Program Fellow

I was awarded the “Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Faculty Mobility Program” fellowship by the Ministry for Science, Research, and Arts of Baden-Württemberg. This funding is designated for a 6-month research stay at York University in Toronto, Canada. During my 6-month research stay, I will conduct research and work collaboratively with Nicholas Cepeda and his team. I very much look forward to this collaboration!

OBW program information

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Half marathon finisher

Last Saturday, I successfully finished the half marathon in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Here with my running partner and best friend after the run!

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Teaching Prize

Thank you to the psychology student association and all my students for awarding me the teaching prize in the category “Best Seminar” for my seminar “Partner Choice and Relationships”!

I’m super happy about this and I very much appreciate this award!

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Happy Easter!

Easter holidays have started in Baden-Württemberg. This is nice because I will have time to work on a manuscript and to do some serious reading.

I wish you all wonderful and relaxing Easter holidays with your friends and family.

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And the semester starts…

Today, the new semester starts at the University of Mannheim. The next 4 months will be quite exciting. I’m looking forward to teaching a new seminar. It’ll be challenging but fun. Also, I will start working on a second manuscript that I would like to publish. Besides research and teaching, I’m training for the half marathon that I would like to run on May 21 in Mannheim.

I wish everyone a successful semester!

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A powerful tool: R

I attended a 3-day workshop on R taught by Marc Jekel (University of Bonn). He did a great job in explaining this quite complicated but incredibly powerful programming language. Not only did I understand many things, but I’m also motivated in learning more about it. I borrowed some books from the library and I’m actually considering using R in the future. Thanks, Marc!

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Today I received my Doctoral Degree Certificate from the Dean of the School of Social Sciences.

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End of semester…

The semester is coming to an end: One more week! It has been a great semester. I had fun with the seminar I gave on “Successful learning”. In the last seminar session, students are going to work in small groups and conceptualize a learning plan for the coming term based on the things they have learned in the seminar. I’m very much looking forward to their ideas. Also, it’ll be interesting to see what they have learned and if they are able to apply this knowledge.

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