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Co-Leading Workshop @ Teaching, Learning, Takeover Conference / University of Southampton / 15 Oct 2016

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Exciting things are happeCkIy81PWkAUnJfZning: Together with Yana Weinstein (Assitant Prof at UMass Lowell / @doctorwhy @AceThatTest) I’m leading a workshop at the Teaching, Learning, Takeover Conference (#TLT16) taking place at the University of Southampton on 15 Oct 2016. This conference brings together an exciting crowd of people all interested in improving education using evidence-based strategies.


First Academic Year @ University of Dundee Completed!

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Hooray! My first academic year at the University of Dundee is over! It has been a rollercoaster and a steep learning curve. I had to create all my lectures from scratch and get used to a new university system. Although it was incredibly stressful at times, I feel that it boosted my professional development as a teacher.

Since teaching is done for this academic year, I have some time to focus on some research projects and scholarship activities. I have two very interesting Teaching & Learning conferences lined up: One in June at the University of Stirling and one in October at the University of Southampton. At the latter one, I am co-running a workshop with Yana Weinstein from University of Massachusetts Lowell. This will be exciting! You can find more info about it here!

In order to promote Teaching & Learning research and activities, I have established a message board in our Psychology Department (see picture). You’ll find it on the forth floor of the Scrymgeour Building! If you are around, come and check it out! If you have questions, contact me any time.

Enjoy the summer!

Talks, Talks, Talks!

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Last week, I gave a presentation on brand-new and promising spacing effect data at the Brain-Behavior-Cognition meeting at WashU. Yes, despite this old learning phenomenon Mark McDaniel and I approached this research topic from a different angle which allowed us to reveal interesting and practically relevant findings. Overall, the feedback was very positive and encouraging! Papers in preparation.

Also, I’ll be presenting new data on the sleep-memory effect at Dave Balota’s and Jan Duchek’s lab meeting on April 6. I’ll give an overview on two projects that I have been collaborating on with Edgar Erdfelder (University of Mannheim) and Meike Kroneisen (University of Mannheim), respectively. Looking forward to the feedback!

Psychonomics 2014: Posters accepted!

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I’m looking forward to presenting new research at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in Long Beach in November.

Come to discuss our research with us:

Friday, Nov 21, 12 – 1:30pm

  • Küpper-Tetzel, C. E., & McDaniel, M. A. (2014). Relational and item-specific processing in the spacing effect.

Saturday, Nov 22, 12 – 1:30pm

  • Kroneisen, M., & Küpper-Tetzel, C. E. (2014). Delayed testing eliminates the beneficial effect of sleep on memory.


Beitrag angenommen – DGPs Tagung in Bochum

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Unsere Papiere, Erdfelder, E., & Küpper-Tetzel, C. E. (2014). Wie beeinflusst Schlaf das Gedächtnis? Eine multinomiale Verarbeitungsbaumanalyse, wurde für die diesjährige DGPs Tagung angenommen.

Der Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie findet vom 21.-25. September in Bochum statt.

Infos gibt es auf der Webseite der DGPs.dgps_Logo

Abstract submitted!

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Today, I submitted my abstract to the 55th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society taking place in beautiful Long Beach, CA, USA on November 20-23, 2014.
Keynote speaker: Larry Jacoby, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

I’m so looking forward to this!


Thanks to everyone…

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… who came to our poster for discussion and feedback! I highly appreciate your comments! Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or remarks.


TeaP 2013 in Vienna – Poster Presentation!

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If you are attending the TeaP in Vienna, you should definitely check out our poster tomorrow. Poster session starts at 3:50pm. The poster title is “Expanding, Contracting, and Equal Learning Schedules? The optimal distribution of learning sessions depends on retention interval” (poster# 42).

See you!