First Academic Year @ University of Dundee Completed!

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Hooray! My first academic year at the University of Dundee is over! It has been a rollercoaster and a steep learning curve. I had to create all my lectures from scratch and get used to a new university system. Although it was incredibly stressful at times, I feel that it boosted my professional development as a teacher.

Since teaching is done for this academic year, I have some time to focus on some research projects and scholarship activities. I have two very interesting Teaching & Learning conferences lined up: One in June at the University of Stirling and one in October at the University of Southampton. At the latter one, I am co-running a workshop with Yana Weinstein from University of Massachusetts Lowell. This will be exciting! You can find more info about it here!

In order to promote Teaching & Learning research and activities, I have established a message board in our Psychology Department (see picture). You’ll find it on the forth floor of the Scrymgeour Building! If you are around, come and check it out! If you have questions, contact me any time.

Enjoy the summer!

Happy Easter!

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Easter holidays have started in Baden-Württemberg. This is nice because I will have time to work on a manuscript and to do some serious reading.

I wish you all wonderful and relaxing Easter holidays with your friends and family.

And the semester starts…

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Today, the new semester starts at the University of Mannheim. The next 4 months will be quite exciting. I’m looking forward to teaching a new seminar. It’ll be challenging but fun. Also, I will start working on a second manuscript that I would like to publish. Besides research and teaching, I’m training for the half marathon that I would like to run on May 21 in Mannheim.

I wish everyone a successful semester!

Poster Acceptance

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My abstract submission got accepted for the ESCoP 2009 in Krakow. That means that I will not only attend the conference but also present my current research during one of the poster sessions!

I’m pretty excited about that! 🙂

Merry Christmas and …

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… a happy new year!!! 🙂

I wish you a nice time with your family and friends!

See you next year,