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Learning & Teaching Lab Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel
Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

Carolina’s Curriculum Vitae

Research Assistants

Eva Goetzke
Eva GoetzkeLevel 3 Student

Eva is a third-year psychology student at the University of Dundee with a keen interest in cognitive and educational psychology. She’s excited to assist in research that could influence the way students will study and be taught in the future and learn the corresponding theories in class. Aside from her studies, she is involved as the TILE student assistant and the Nightline Dundee Treasurer and Fundraiser and tries her luck at playing Volleyball.

Rena Bäumler
Rena BäumlerLevel 3 Student

Rena is a 3rd year psychology student at the University of Dundee with an interest in developmental and educational psychology.
Besides her studies, Rena is one of the publicity officers for the Universities Nightline and enjoys spending time with animals of all kinds.