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Learning & Teaching Lab Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel
Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

Carolina’s Curriculum Vitae

Research Assistants

Shona Herron
Shona HerronLevel 4 student

In doing a research apprenticeship under Dr Kuepper-Tetzel, it is my intention to expand my current knowledge and experience of academic research. Through assisting with Dr Kuepper-Tetzel’s research into the distributed practice effect, I hope to develop the skills required to formulate, program and confidently run psychological investigations of the utmost quality. The practical implications of these projects to an educational setting make it the ideal project from which to learn how research may be used to benefit the public. With my primary interest being in the field of mental health, my intentions are to use the skills I acquire through this process, in order to pursue a career in clinical research. My hopes are that in future I will be capable of making a significant contribution to the research surrounding evaluation and treatment of debilitating mental illness.

Lee Gordon
Lee GordonMSc student

I am currently studying an Msc in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). I have a very broad range of academic interests including mental health and wellbeing, therapeutic techniques, learning and decision making. I find myself drawn to areas of psychology that aim to empower individuals and improve overall quality of life. For my Msc dissertation I will be examining how individuals with differing complex communication needs tell personal narrative stories using AAC. I hope to apply the skills and experience gained from my practicum with Dr Kuepper-Tetzel and masters to pursue a career in the area of research and occupational therapy.

Petra Lipnik
Petra LipnikMSc student

I am currently studying an MSc in Psychology of Mental Health. Throughout my academic years I have developed a strong interest in mental health and wellbeing. I gained theoretical knowledge through my years of studying Psychology at University of Ljubljana and have strengthened it through my work experience either voluntarily at a local older adults home back in Slovenia or working as a support worker here at Alzheimer Scotland. My experience of working with older adult population with dementia has led me to pursue areas of psychology that aim to improve overall quality of life of these individuals. For my MSc dissertation I will be investigating the relationship between sleep disturbance and mental well-being in older adults. I hope that in doing research under Dr Kuepper-Tetzel, I will develop the skills required to conduct research that enables the profession to develop its knowledge base and to monitor and improve the effectiveness of its work. I feel passionate about contributing to the promotion of health and wellbeing and preventing adverse effects.