Recap: Academic Year 2017

Long time, no post. So, the academic year ended, the exam boards are over, students graduated, it’s summer! Lots of things happened this year and it’s time for a brief recap before the summer is over and the next academic year starts.


  • I have three ongoing projects at the moment. One with Meike Kronseisen (Universit├Ąt Koblenz/Landau) on the interactions between sleep and testing for later memory performance. Another one on the spacing effect in older adults (started in collaboration with Dave Balota, WashU). Data collection for this will take some time and effort, but I’m optimistic. My RA Petra Lipnik is working hard on this right now. Yet another project on the so beloved learning styles showing the dangers of their assessment for learning. Research on this started as part of a dissertation project (Paula Cairns and Clara Mulugeta) this year and I’ll be following this up with my RA Sara Oikarinen in the summer.
  • I haven’t been to any conferences this year, but this will change as I will be attending this year’s ESCOP meeting in Potsdam, Germany, from 3-6- September 2017.



  • I’m trying to learn R. Yes, that’s right! I’m participating in MOOCs and hope to be able to do stuff on my own soon. It’s a steep learning curve, but I’m confident that I can do it. While looking for free resources to learn R, I started to put together a Google spreadsheet with R resources that I shared with others.
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