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Supervision focus

My research interests revolve around learning and memory principles from cognitive psychology that are potentially applicable to real-world educational environments (examples are: distributed practice, retrieval practice, feedback, note-taking…). I am happy to supervise experiments and correlational studies. Exploring ways of applying laboratory findings to authentic educational settings and evaluating them is a particular interest of mine. By applying fundamentals of cognitive psychology to education, I seek to develop promising instruction methods for teachers and study strategies for learners. While I have focused on the effect of different strategies on academic performance, I have become interested in well-being as an outcome variable and ways on how effective study habits or teaching strategies can enhance student well-being.

Topic examples

  • The relationship of social media use and well-being.

  • Learning strategies endorsed by secondary teachers.

  • Note-taking and lecture recordings interactions.

  • Effect of overt and covert retrieval of memory for visual maps.

  • Creativity intervention for primary pupils.

  • Text anxiety and the spacing effect.

  • Gender stereotype thread in learning of authentic educational material.

  • Note-taking by hand versus with a laptop and the effect on memory.

  • Mindfulness and vocabulary learning.

  • Effects of background music on math performance.

  • The perils of learning styles assessment.

  • Implicit and explicit learning in the sleep-wake paradigm.

  • Individual differences in the distributed practice effect in high school pupils.

  • Validation of the encoding-maintenance-retrieval multinomial processing tree model in the sleep-wake paradigm.