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Undergrad Dissertations Academic Year 2017-18

University of Dundee

  • Gloria De La Blunda: Overt and covert retrieval of visual maps.

  • Katie Lawrie: Creativity intervention for primary pupils.

  • Madison Milne: Text anxiety and the spacing effect.

  • Mirena Antonova: Gender stereotype thread in learning of authentic educational material.

  • Robert Bruce: Forgetting.

  • Sara Oikarinen: Mindfulness and vocabulary learning.

Master theses Academic Year 2017-18

University of Dundee

  • Elliot Snow: A new metacognitive therapy intervention for students.

  • Shaniya Morris: tba.

Dissertations Academic Year 2016-17

University of Dundee

  • Kyler Abercrombie: Effects of background music on math performance.
  • Paula Cairns & Clara Mulugeta: The perils of learning styles assessment.
  • Rebecca Fitzsimmons: Implicit and explicit learning in the sleep-wake paradigm.
  • Vanessa Mendham: Individual differences in the distributed practice effect in high school pupils.

University of Mannheim

  • Julian Quevedo: Validation of the encoding-maintenance-retrieval multinomial processing tree model in the sleep-wake paradigm.